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HELP! We need your help deciding on the iSmile Grand Prize teaser
The end of the year is coming, and this year we decided to do something different.
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Guestimation Station winner announced teaser
Congratulations Tahlia!  
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Thanks for helping us make Super Hero Day so fun! teaser
We all had a great time on Super Hero Day.
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Scope Superhero Days teaser

Scope Superhero Days | 2/05/2017

Join in the fun on Scope Superhero days.
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2017 Easter Egg competition winner announced teaser
Congratulations Annika on guessing the correct number of Easter eggs in the jar.
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2016 Apple Watch winner announced teaser
Congratulations Shawn on winning the iSmile Rewards Program Grand Prize for 2016!
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Movember Final Total teaser

Movember Final Total | 1/12/2016

Thanks for all your support in making Movember such a success this year.
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Movember Week 4 teaser

Movember Week 4 | 28/11/2016

Movember at Scope Orthodontics - Week 4
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Movember Week 3 teaser

Movember Week 3 | 21/11/2016

Movember at Scope Orthodontics - Week 3
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Movember Week 2 teaser

Movember Week 2 | 14/11/2016

Movember at Scope Orthodontics - Week 2
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Movember Week 1  teaser

Movember Week 1  | 7/11/2016

Movember at Scope Orthodontics - Week 1
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It's Movember teaser

It's Movember | 1/11/2016

Movember at Scope Orthodontics 
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Our new team member teaser

Our new team member | 17/06/2016

Dr. Angela Ross Joins Scope Orthodontics 
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Hawaiian Day  teaser

Hawaiian Day  | 14/06/2016

Hawaiin Day at Scope Orthodontics  It’s freezing cold in the middle of winter, so what can you do to lift your spirits? Have a Hawaiian Day of course!
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