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Who We Treat
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Children's & Teens' Orthodontics 

Some orthodontic problems may be treated early, while the child’s baby teeth are still present. Early diagnosis and treatment may help prevent orthodontic problems from developing, or more serious problems from getting worse. Early treatment can help to normalise the development of the teeth and face.

Whilst some orthodontic problems may benefit from early treatment, most orthodontics is undertaken once the permanent teeth have erupted into the mouth, usually by the age of 11- 12 years. This enables the orthodontist to precisely position every tooth as much as possible, giving you a dazzling smile and a comfortable, even bite.

If you are unsure if it is time to start your child’s orthodontic care, call our clinic today and check with our expert orthodontic team.


Adults' teeth will tend to move under orthodontics forces much the same as children's teeth, however as an adult, we don't have the advantages of facial growth to aid in the correction of orthodontics problems. So in some cases to give you that dazzling smile the treatment options may be different.

Adults will also have different social requirements for their treatment, and sometimes this means using less visible treatments such as Invisalign™ or Lingual Braces. Call us today to see what treatments might best suit you.