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Today more than ever there is a high demand for orthodontics by adults. This may be because they were not able to access orthodontic care as a child, or maybe a small orthodontic problem has slowly deteriorated over the years, and now warrants treatment.

Adult teeth tend to move under orthodontic forces much the same as children’s teeth do, however treatment commonly will take longer. As an adult, we do not have the advantage of facial growth to aid in the correction of the orthodontic problems presented, and so treatment options are different in some cases.

The presence of different types of fillings, crowns and bridges, as well as increased risk of gum disease can make adult orthodontics challenging, but also extremely rewarding. In adults, facial growth has ceased, and so cases of severe jaw discrepancies may require a combined treatment plan involving orthodontics as well as oral and maxillo-facial surgery. This type of treatment has become much more routine these days and involves close interaction with the orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeon. Many results are life changing.

  • Traditional braces 

    Learn more about the Traditional Braces services that Scope Orthodontics can provide for adults. 


    Learn more about the Invisalign services that Scope Orthodontics can provide for adults. 

Adult Orthodontic Services

Scope Orthodontics provides a range of services for adult orthdontic treatment and care. Learn more about the different options Scope Orthodontics can provide you.

For any treatment to be successful, an accurate orthodontic diagnosis is essential. A comprehensive examination, followed by ‘orthodontic records’ is essential to enable the diagnosis of the orthodontic problems, and then for a treatment plan to be proposed. These records consist of digital photographs of the patient's face and teeth, digital x-rays of the teeth and jawbones and digital three-dimensional models of the teeth.

For your convenience we are able to complete all of your orthodontic records at our Greenwood clinic. There is no need to go to a radiology clinic to have your standard x-rays undertaken.

Treatment planning involves explaining the different treatment options available to you once a diagnosis has been made. Should several options be available, then the pro’s and con’s of each will be explained. Once you are fully informed of your options, then you are in a position to select the option that best suits you.

Comprehensive orthodontics traditionally involves the placing of braces on all adult teeth to correct dental alignment, crowding and bite problems simultaneously. This method of treatment is usually the most time efficient and cost effective option.

The traditional style of braces consists of small metal or ceramic squares, called ‘brackets’, which are affixed to the outer surface of the teeth by means of specialised dental glue. The brackets are then joined together by an orthodontic wire, which produces light, gentle forces on the teeth. Over time these forces will move the teeth into the desired positions that the orthodontist has prescribed. Traditional braces have a proven track record and are considered to be the most versatile, predictable and cost effective orthodontic treatment option.

Teeth tend to move slowly through healthy bone, and so orthodontics does take time. Modern advances in techniques and materials, such as space age wires and low friction brackets, have made modern orthodontics quicker and more comfortable than ever before.

Depending on the diagnoses, expansion plates or other attachments may also be used in conjunction with your braces to enhance the final result.

At Scope Orthodontics, we currently use the Damon self ligating brackets for most of our comprehensive orthodontic treatments. For adult patients, we utilise ceramic orthodontic brackets, which prove more aesthetically pleasing. A great advantage to the Damon system brackets, is that the self ligating technology means they do not require coloured elastics to hold the wires to the teeth. These elastics tend to discolour quickly, cause poor hygiene (due to plaque build up) and require regular maintenance appointments.

Orthognathic surgery refers to surgery of the jaws, undertaken in conjunction with comprehensive orthodontics to improve the alignment of the jaws and the bite between the teeth. It requires close consultation between the orthodontist and an oral & maxillofacial surgeon.

At Scope Orthodontics, we currently use the Invisalign™ system for this treatment option. This technique involves fabricating a series of removable clear aligners which fit over the teeth, and are designed to be worn 22-24 hours a day. Typically these aligners are changed every two weeks. The teeth are slowly moved into their new positions as you progress through your aligners. Treatment timing can vary accordingly to the degree of the initial misalignment of the teeth and is very dependent on the patient’s diligence to wear the aligners.